Jack Jagodka


I am a professional stuntman and actor with a background in modeling. I started my modeling career 10 years ago while working as a personal trainer. I have always been very active, (basketball and swimming were a huge part of my life as a young man), and although modeling was something I enjoyed, I wanted to progress my career to use all of my acquired skills – being a stuntman was a very natural next step. Once I had finished my stuntman training, I very quickly secured lead roles as a stunt double and stunt performer in TV shows and movies such as, Game of Thrones, Star Wars – Rogue One, and Alexander Skarsgard’s ‘The Legend of Tarzan‘.

Over the last couple of years I have broadened my skills with acting, which has meant that I can bring a little extra to any role. I love performing and acting, and consider myself to be a very hardworking member of any cast or team. I am fun, friendly, and some say ‘larger than life’.

Jack Jagodka

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